DR-60-12 and GRT8-B1 application in automatic bathroom drainage system

DR-60-12 and GRT8-B1 for bathroom drainage

DR-60-12 DC power supply has a wide range of applications in everyday life. In Europe, there are strict legal regulations for the protection of buildings, which plays an important role in preserving the environment and historical buildings. The outstanding historical buildings attract countless tourists to Europe. However, this also poses a number of problems for people living in older buildings. Due to the construction of the buildings, the drainage of the sewers is often very poor, which makes bathing difficult. Is it possible to use DR-60-12 to make an automatic drainage system for bathrooms? The answer is yes.

Automatic bathroom drainage system is composed of circuit breaker, DR-60-12 DC power supply, GRT8-B1 time relay, sump pump and water level sensor.

Working principle: When bathing is needed, turn on the circuit breaker switch, at this time the system is in working condition, but the drainage pump does not work. When the water level rises to High, the water level sensor sends a signal to the time relay GRT8-B1, the relay turns on the drainage pump circuit, DR-60-12 supplies power to the pump, the pump starts to drain, the water level starts to fall, after about 10 seconds, the time relay GRT8-B1 disconnects the power supply circuit, the pump stops working immediately. When the water level rises again to the High position, poor drainage starts to occur and the automatic drainage system will work again, thus working in a cycle. When bathing is complete, the circuit breaker switch is switched off and the entire automatic drainage system is switched off.

Parameter adjustment: The operating time of the drain pump is adjusted according to the actual situation, for the delay time, see the GRT8-B1 product description. The drainage level can be adjusted by adjusting the installation position of the water level sensor. The drainage pump should be of the sewage pumps type to prevent blockage of the pump inlet.

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